Putting My Order In!

Putting an order in today! I can’t wait as this means I get to order even more of our perfect pamper range to boost my collection and of course my work collection too!

I really want to increase my Vitamin E skin care range as personally I swear by the products. Their fantastic for my skin, not tested on animals and all contain at least, (normally more!)one community fair trade ingredient!

Stay posted for more information on products and a FREE prize draw over the next couple of days!


£4 a Product!

The perfect beach babe look this summer!

£4 for these 4 fantastic products:
84068 Carbon Eye Definer Black
94456 Big & Curvy Mascara Black
11882 Lip & Cheek Stain Rose Pink
88594 Detangling Spray

    That’s a SUPER SAVING of £19.50

Now you really can’t go wrong with this collection ladies. Perfect to take abroad or pop in the hand bag for the local beer garden, a quick, sheer covering of lip gloss and as you know ladies, then we’re good to go!

View my contact me page to send those orders!


The Body Shop At Home: How it fits in!

I’ve been so busy lately with work! It’s just as well this Body Shop stuff fits in around it all! I have a party on Saturday, Tuesday and Friday, all along with my admin work, babysitting and taking my NVQ in beauty therapy!

See it’s no lie when I say it The Body at Home really does fit in around everything!

So what kind of thing do you want to know about this weekend then? Our vitamin E skin care, how about our satsuma body range and ooo, why not add a vitamin E BB cream to list?

Any other idea of what you want to know, give me a comment and let me know! Remember this is as much my blog as it is yours!

July: Here it Comes!


Who’s ready for our fantastic July offers! Let me here you shout I AM!

Stay tuned this month for flipping, fantastic discounts on some BRAND NEW products, a poll and a prize draw with a free gift for the winner!

What do you want to be on offer this month? Our superb skin care, the perfect peppermint pamper collection or our luscious perfumes?


Customer Spend: £2 Products!

Perfect Strawberry products here for you! 2 Strawberry products for only £6! That’s only £2 EACH!

When you spend only £30 in June you can get the

98101 Strawberry Shower Gel
94028 Strawberry Beautifying Oil
93914 Strawberry Body Mist

    FOR ONLY £6!

That’s a saving of 14.50!

Get those orders coming in and remember to have a look through our catalogue as well…


Fantastic July

What better way to start off July than with this FANTASTIC offer?!

Pay full price (£13) for our famous coconut body butter and get a peppermint foot lotion, coconut body mist and a watermelon lip gloss for only £1 EACH!

There is no other way than to explain this than the perfect beach collection! The pamper part of the collection because well ladies, we deserve it, a body mist to keep you smelling of cracking coconut, peppermint to revive those tired feet after a fabulous day on the beach and a scrumptious smelling lip gloss to give you that black babe look!



Everything a girl needs!

Now this sale gives you a £27 saving!It has a huge variety of products which means that all the beauty sections at least have a basic covering for only £20!

The product list is:
Coconut Body Butter – for all your body moisturising needs!
Define & Lengthen Mascara Brown – to maximise those gorgeous eye lashes potential
Carbon Eye Definer Brown – to define those stunning eyes of yours!
Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel – to refresh and moisturise those tired eyes and revitalise them!
White Musk Sun Glow 60 ml – to keep you smelling as gorgeous as ever!


Skin Care!

Why not get in all that fabulous skin care?!

This amazing 30% off deal means our skin care is as cheap as chips but the best quality money can buy!

Personally I’m buying the vitamin E range, a warming mineral mask, a new luxury flannel and ooo, I might even treat myself to that eye cream I’ve been craving!

Remember, FREE GIFT on all orders placed this evening!

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